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Gosloto Results | Russia Gosloto | 4/20 – 5/36 – 6/45 – 7/49

Welcome to the latest Gosloto results for today. This post is all about Russia Gosloto results today, here we will also briefly discuss playing procedure and winning tips for this game. Gosloto results are recently out and we have updated Gosloto results on this webpage. Check results and also enjoy this helpful post.

Gosloto is a well-known game but there are lots of misconceptions among people about this game. In this post, we will try to find out all the answers to the questions that are generally asked online. Lets us start.

Gosloto Results

Gosloto 7×49 Results

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Gosloto 6×45 Results

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Gosloto 5×36 Results

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Gosloto 4×20 Results

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If you want to play and win on daily basis then Gosloto is the best option for you. Gosloto is the daily base game that offers you twice a draw every day. Gosloto Morning results are drawn at 11:00 and Gosloto evening results are drawn at 23:00. This time may be different if you are from other any country like South Africa or Asia. If you are a regular member of Gosloto then this webpage is very helpful for you, because here we update Gosloto 6/45 results every day when results are confirmed officially.

History of Russia Gosloto

First of all, we will discuss that, when Gosloto was first time drawn? Gosloto is the most famous lottery game in the country of Russia that is awarding prizes every day. First-time Gosloto was drawn in 2008 in Russia. As a passage of time, it became most famous in other parts of the world like South Africa.

Gosloto Ticket

If you are interested in joining Gosloto 4/20 then, you need to know before joining a few important points. As above we have explained that Gosloto is a Russian based game but also famous in over the world. If you are a resident of Russia you can join this exciting game easily by visiting any retailer. These retailers’ shops are easily available in Russia.

If you are outside then you have also the option of buying a ticket for Gosloto on 6/45. You can go with any bookmaking company for buying Gosloto tickets. If you want to win this game you can enter this game before cut-off time. Ticket time is closed 20 minutes before Gosloto evening and morning results.

Play Gosloto

If you have bought a Russia Gosloto ticket, then you are able to play the game. The playing procedure is very simple and straightforward in this game. Just you need to pick up only six main numbers from the given 45 digits. Another thing that is very exciting for you, there is also another extra number that provides you the extra winning chance in this lucky game.

  • you can pick up six number from the 45 digits
  • you can play as many boards as you want to play for
  • choose draw you want to enter
  • and pay for the ticket cost
  • if you are from South Africa you have to find out an online bookmaker

What you need to win Gosloto 6×45

Let’s find out the figures what you need to win Gosloto 6/45, Gosloto 7/49. In the Russia Gosloto game as many numbers, you will match as the bigger prize is for you. If you want to understand this winning procedure then you can check the following table.  If you have won a small amount of prize you can receive your wining amount form retailer or bookmaker for the bigger price you can contact the provider for nest procedure. Applying for the winning amount depends on your procedure of playing.

Serial no Number you match Odds of winning Percentage of prize pool
1 6 1 in 8,145,060 58%
2 5 1 in 34,808 16%
3 4 1 in 733 8%
4 3 1 in 45 18%
5 2 1 in 7 100 rubles

Gosloto is Good Lotto

Each and every game have their good causes, Gosloto is also a good lotto game. Gosloto is a very exciting game that provides various winning chances of earning money. This gameplay a very important role in the economical secret of Russia. There are lots of people who take participate in Gosloto results and huge money is collected in the shape of Gosloto morning and evening tickets. A big part of the income goes to good causes.

Gosloto Results History

If you play Gosloto you need to look back on past Gosloto results for choosing winning numbers from past results. These winning numbers provide you help in winning upcoming Russia lotto results. You can also check past Gosloto results here on this website. We updated these numerics from time to time for each Gosloto draw.

Hot and cold ball numbers in latest Russia Gosloto results

You can also check the hottest and coldest winning numbers of the Goslotso Russia results. You can use these hottest and coldest numbers for an amazingly good combination. We share these numerical combinations for each upcoming draw.

Each and every game have their own pros and setbacks, lets us discuss Russia Gosloto pros and cons.

  • Russia gosloto is the most famous and well known Russian game
  • awarding thousands of people since 2008
  • Russia gosloto results are drawn twice every day
  • the game is very easy to play
  • you can play online and offline
  • providing big prizes amount


  • hard and fast rules


What is Russia Gosloto?

It is a Russian based lotto game and also famous in other parts of the worlds

When Russia Gosloto results are drawn?

Russia Gosloto 5/36 and sports lotto is drawn twice every day at 11 AM and 11: PM every day.

What is the cut off time in the Gosloto game?

You can buy a lotto ticket before 20 minutes draw time.

What is the good cause of Gosloto 6/36 and Russia’s sportloto 5/50?

A big part of the profit goes to the welfare of the public.

When Russian lotto was first time drawn?

The game was drawn first time in 2008 in Russia

That’s all about the Russia Gosloto results that we have briefly discussed above in this post. If you think this post is helpful for you then don’t forget to share it with your friends and family. Moreover, if you have any questions you can ask us. Thanks.

Updated: May 26, 2021 — 12:11 am

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